Executive Profile...

VP / Director of International Sales /

Business Development


International Management, Marketing Analysis & Agreements

B2B / Product Marketing & Development / Forecasting / FCPA


Mr. Mullins is a multilingual international sales and business development executive who dramatically increased revenue and improved processes for small and large firms in computer systems, hardware and software technologies, medical equipment and healthcare educational materials.

Extremely knowledgeable and effective working with multiple cultures worldwide, Charles analyzed markets, prioritized opportunities, built relationships, and created products relevant to consumer and market needs. He reorganized international sales departments, managed Territory Directors worldwide and negotiated international contracts and joint development and cooperation agreements. Charles was a key contributor to the corporate strategic plan as a member of the International Strategic Planning Team. Other notable contributions were in leading product development teams, developing global strategy, and streamlining and managing Tech Support.

A confident sales leader, Charles works well with all levels of an organization from loading dock to the Board Room. He astutely analyzes complex situations, internally processes ideas and delivers creative solutions. Loyal, aggressive and driven to succeed, Charles is adept at leading professional teams with diverse skill sets and backgrounds to focus on projects and exceed aggressive corporate goals.